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Enter your contact info and select SUBMIT to be redirected to a .pdf link to the specification you are requesting.  We gather this information to provide vital solicitation communication such as addenda, and to maintain a listing of entities that request a copy of the specifications in accordance with state law.  The information obtained is shared with the state or federal fund sources or otherwise in accordance with public bidding requirements and transparency laws.  Please note that if you do not submit your proper contact information, you risk not receiving addenda or other vital communication concerning the solicitation.  If an addendum is issued, and you do not receive it due to not providing proper contact information, then your bid, quote, or proposal will be rejected.  It's your responsibility to ensure you receive all addeda issued.  Addenda will not require additional registration.  The addendum link (if applicable) is posted for immediate download. 

Specification Registration

To download IFB, RFP, or RFQ specifications, please register your contact information using the form below. You will be redirected to a separate page where the specifications will be available via .pdf

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