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Leominster Development Corporation

Leominster Development Corporation (LDC) was formed in 1995 to develop and preserve affordable housing in our community. LDC has embarked on two developments to increase the number of affordable housing units in the community. The first project involved the purchase and renovation of three multi-family homes in Leominster. These three properties opened in 1998 and have provided good safe housing for many families. In 2008 the Development Corporation opened Rockwell Village, a fourteen unit townhome development built in the heart of downtown Leominster. These developments have been a real success for all involved. The neighborhoods have benefited. LDC’s investment in the neighborhoods has spurred private sector investors to venture into additional projects, leading to dramatic improvements. Tenants have benefited by having a great place to call home and raise their family. Throughout the process the Leominster Development Corporation has remained not only financially solvent but actually thriving.

This non-profit is headed by its president Gene Capoccia and members of the board including Gregg Lisciotti, Monsignor John Doran, Michael Croteau, Barbara Abraham, and Neddy Latimer. A management contract was awarded to the Leominster Housing Authority to provide oversight of the occupancy and management of all of the units owned by LDC.

Those wishing to apply for occupancy of one of these apartments may do so by filling out an application at the management office of the Leominster Housing Authority, 100 Main Street, Leominster, MA or by contacting Cynthia Driscoll, Director of Resident Services at or by phone at 978-537-5300.



 Board of Directors

, President - Term Expires 0000-00-00  
Gregg Lisciotti - Term Expires 2016-05-01  
Virginia Tocci - Term Expires 2016-05-01  
Michael Croteau - Term Expires 2016-05-01  
Barbara Abraham - Term Expires 2016-05-01  
Neddy Latimer - Term Expires 2015-05-19  
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