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The Allencrest Academic Learning Center is an after-school academic learning center designed for Leominster students. The Allencrest Academic Learning Center provides students with educational resources to help them achieve their potential in school and through education, break the Cycle of Poverty. The Allencrest Academic Learning Center services fifty-six students ages five through nineteen.

Since its 1998 inception the Allencrest Academic Learning Center has provided a homework, remediation and learning program that provides students with optimum educational return. The program director has established a strong relationship with the Leominster Public School System working closely with the student's teachers to assess areas of academic strength and weakness. From that information students receive academic enrichment and support specific to their needs. A majority of the students seek out the center to receive ongoing help with daily homework assignments. Unlike other after school programs the students leave the center once their homework is complete.

In addition to the director, staffing includes an Assistant Director and tutors from Leominster High School that commit community service hours assisting and motivating the students. Many tutors are members of the National Honor Society. In addition to the academic tutoring offered at the center, students are provided with numerous educational resources to include project materials, reference materials, computers, and Internet access. Programming also includes specialized workshops such as those offered by the YWCA for teens and art activities such as cartooning, holiday crafts, pastels, mural painting and screen printing. Students also enjoy learning to make nutritional and cultural foods.

The center is supported by donations and grant funding acquired through the housing authority. The program is funded in part by the City of Leominster CDBG program and the Department of Urban Development. The Allencrest Academic Learning Center is a valuable asset to the families of the Allencrest Apartments and the Leominster community. The program’s continued growth and success is measured by the talented students that attend the center..

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Hours and Contact Information

Our facility is open Monday through Thursday from 2:45 (approximately) to 6:00 p.m. when the Leominster Public Schools are in session.  Between September through May, you may contact the center at Allencrest Community Center - 978 401 9454 - or the Leominster Housing Authority for additional information, at 978 537 5300 x102.

Allencrest Address:
138 Viscoloid Ave
Leominster, MA 01453

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Mailing Address:
100 Main St
Leominster, MA 01453

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The Allencrest Community Center has a positive working relationship with Lisa Novelli of Project Apples/ Leominster CFCE /Leominster PCHP. They have provided programming for Allencrest and the community within our space. We encourage and support each other’s programs

Lisa Novelli can be contacted at

Project Apples/Leominster CFCE (Consolidated Family and Community Engagement), is a grant program funded through the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care. Project Apples is committed to providing quality programs and services for young children(birth to 8) and their families. We offer activities and events to enhance the educational development of young children, which include parent workshops, transition supports, playgroups, science nights, community events, and information on professional development for early education and care educators. Contact us if you would like information on child care programs in Leominster, or to be placed on the EEC waitlist for subsidized child care.

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